Perfect Brows by Anita Isaac August 05 2013, 0 Comments

 Start by feeling the centre of your brow bone with your fingers and draw a little mark. This is the starting point for the middle of your brow.

Using a straight object like a pencil line up the beginning of your brow.

Hold the pencil upright against the side of your nose, resting on the outer edge of your nostril. The beginning of your brow should be in line with your nose.

Next mark out where you want your eyebrow to finish. With the pencil still in place by your nose, rotate it over your eye until the end of your pencil reaches the edge of your eye. This is where your brow should finish.  

Mark out the highest point or arch of your brow by bringing the pencil to the centre of your eye.

The highest point should be just above the brow bone and higher than the start and finish marks.

 Now for the fun part! Join up your three points! Start off thin and then build and thicken the line to suit you. A natural look will be about 0.5cm wide with the end trailing off to a slight point.
  Colours! Brow pencils come in an array of colours so there's plenty of choice. For a natural look try to match the pencil colour with your hair colour or go a shade darker. If in doubt, default to dark brown! The effect will depend on your skin tone so have a play and find out what works best for you.

For a softer and more natural look, use eyeshadow to fill in your brows and then go over them with pencil to get a darker effect. This method is especially great for those who don't have eyebrows at all. With the pencil use small stroke to mimic the way real hair looks.

Eyeshadows I love to use are Mulch or Omega by MAC. If brows are something you need to do everyday then I would invest in a good quality eyeshadow and brow pencil.

 Now set your brows! There are a few setting sprays you can get from high street makeup brands. Lipcoate, originally designed to make lipstick application last, is a great find. A coat of this will help keep the brows in place all day long! x