Introducing... Frocktasia August 05 2013, 0 Comments


Hi lovely readers,

I am Jennie Mcletchie aka Frocktasia and I've been a dedicated vintage clothing wearer and gatherer since my early teens.

The 'Frocktasia' concept was primarily born from a true desire to share my passion for vintage and retro clothing with others but also out of sheer necessity when there were signs that my over-enthusiastic amassing was starting to spiral out of control.

I now peddle my fabulous threads and handmade accessories at monthly markets in London and occasionally, when invited, rock up with a rail at awesome events like TANGLED Wigs' 'Wig Wednesday'.

I take great delight in uniting a customer with a garment that they will love and I am also a great believer that vintage and retro clobber should be affordable for all.

I like to wax lyrical about my vast and very eclectic vintage wardrobe, showcase my daily get-ups intermittently and occasionally feature 'Wayfaring Frocks' photo sessions. I also promote markets that I'll be trading at and do write-ups featuring fellow traders after the events. It's my way of spreading the love.

I'll be doing a regular feature here and if there is anything you'd like me to write about concerning vintage, retro, fashion trends, personal style, vintage shopping tips or anything else that falls within my area of knowledge please do not hesitate me!


Jennie xxx