Plait Creativity S/S'13 March 01 2013, 0 Comments


I am so devoted to this photograph from TANGLED’s first photo shoot. The fish-tail plaits are a perfect illustration of how accessible hair trends are for women who wear wigs. This isn’t just beneficial to women who wear wigs for health reasons, it is a progressive, encouraging trend that I hope communicates that wigs are a great choice for all women to recreate fashionable looks and explore their individual style.

The catwalks at London Fashion Week were teeming with the spring-summer favourite, the plait. But this season, in both hair and fashion, there is a relaxed feel to the numerous trends to follow and a rare whisper of individual creativity.

So for the soft hairstyle eponymous with Spring be inventive with your plait and pin it anyway you like. I’ve been rocking two plaits on either side from the ear, secured at the nape…a great way to soften the sometimes-harsh look of an up-do with a wig. A few other ideas… perhaps a plaited up-do as seen in this video or the curled up bun plait.



 From one wig wearer to another, the plait also does
a great job of disguising the #friction effect
at the tips of a wig.

 The key to keeping this look fresh is imagination. Consider this for instance, at Jean Pierre Briganza the TONY&GUY team replicated the look of vertebrae with layered plaits, pulled apart to reveal inner body structure (add bemused emoticon here). If there was a time to experiment…the time is now. x