HIT REFRESH Style Party 2013 April 13 2013, 0 Comments

 We had a great event last month raising money for two great causes, BeBold Alopecia Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness UK.

What did I learn from our first event?

1. A clip-board is essential but looks very silly.

2. Never under-estimate what amazing feats a talented team can do.

3. Never leave the microphone with Dave-the-Bear if you want guests to take your Fashion Show seriously.

I'd like to say huge thank you's to the music talents of Big Mama Funk and friends, Dave-the-Bear and Mr Meredith. The artistic talents of our stylist, Neil Curtis and our guest-blogger and makeup artist, Anita Isaac. 

And a further thank you to our TANGLED babies: Jade and Lena.

Enjoy the pictures!

Photography by Mel Bocks Photography