TANGLED Wigs Ltd. is a new label redefining the way women purchase wigs online. They combine beautiful quality with modern styling whilst demonstrating a personal interest in the well-being of their customers.

I can remember choosing my first wig from an NHS catalogue. There were two options: short or medium;
both made of thick, brown synthetic fibre and both (saddeningly, even to an eight year-old), unisex.

The market for natural-looking wigs has undoubtedly moved on from then, but TANGLED Wigs was born
from a belief in all the improvements still to come.

Wigs should be playful, they should be sexy, they should be on trend. But they don't need to be a statement.
They should be natural-looking, beautiful quality and affordable to all.

I hope that you love the first collection. And I hope that TANGLED Wigs will give you the freedom
to choose the look you want and find your individual style.

Feel confident, express your creativity and step out happy.

Love, Sam x

Samantha Barnes
Director TANGLED Wigs Ltd.