Styling Tips and FAQs

What is monofilament?

Monofilament refers to the type of material that hair strands are sewn onto. The thin, gauze-like material is almost transparent and takes on the colour of your own natural scalp. It is the most natural looking parting available and a full monofilment top allows you to part the hair in any direction.

What is a hand-tied wig?

The hair strands are hand-sewn to the monofilament material one strand at a time. Each individual strand can move freely on this base so the wig is more easily styled. This weaving technique also creates ventilation when you are wearing your wig, preventing heat and moisture build-up.

What is synthetic fibre?

Synthetic fibre is an incredibly natural-looking alternative to human hair. It is easy to maintain, keeps its natural shape and is easy to style.

What is heat-resistant fibre?

Heat-resistant fibre is protected against heat of up to 200 degrees. It can be styled using heated styling tools and will not be damaged by heat sources and strong sunshine.

How long will my wig last?

A synthetic wig worn daily will last approximately 12-20 weeks. The main damage to your wig is caused by friction with clothing and can cause knotting (especially to the hair at the nape of your neck.) that makes the hair feel thicker and less natural. Thinning scissors may help to reduce the thickness in this area. The best possible general care of your wig will also help prolong the the life of your wig. See Love Your Wig.

Can I use hair products on my wig?

Hair products work in a similar way as they would with real hair. Your wig will look more natural when styled and give you more freedom with your look.

Do I need to use a special brush?

Thin, detangling brushes may prolong the life of your wig because they will not pull hair from the wig cap. If you brush the hair from mid-length to tips before you put it on, and hold on to the wig cap, you will also stop the hair pulling.

Do I need to wear a wig cap under my wig?

This is absolutely about personal preference. If you have hair underneath your wig you may wish to wear a cap so that the wig sits naturally and evenly on your head.