Tangled Wigs Letter of Response to Esther Rantzen's article in the Daily Mail: 'I confess. I've been wearing wigs for 30 years' (May 31)

'I confess. I've been wearing wigs for 30 years' (May 31) was a superbly misleading headline that probably led many women like me, to read Esther Rantzen’s feature expecting an honest, uplifting story about wearing wigs. I was deeply disappointed (bordering outraged) to read that after wearing wigs for 30 years she has decided to ‘inspire’ women by informing us that (in her opinion) wigs are cheap and fake-looking, uncomfortable, comical and a “terrible, hair-raising secret”.

I have been wearing wigs for 25 years, having been diagnosed with alopecia at two years-old. I was moved to start my own business, Tangled Wigs last year because I am intimately aware of the psychological effects of hair loss and wanted to empower women and redefine the inaccurate, negative reputation that wigs currently hold. 

Almost everyday I speak with women and children experiencing hair loss, mainly as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia. Losing your hair can be devastating and wearing wigs is an extremely unnerving prospect for someone whose confidence is already low. My answer to this and the ethic behind my business is to prove that wigs are beautiful, natural and on-trend. I use them on photo shoots and hair styling videos; I host regular events where people try them on in a fun setting; I blog about my own experiences. I change people’s minds one-by-one.

I can’t help but feel that in your single article you have damaged a tentatively changing attitude. How sad considering that just last week CLIC Sargent held an extremely successful annual charity day called Wig Wednesday, raising awareness for all the right reasons. And that Joanna Rowsell accomplished such great advancements when she talked openly about wearing wigs after last year’s Olympic Games.

One positive thing came from Esther’s article. Her negative attitude has outraged some, but her ‘confession’ didn’t interest anybody. Because we’re all okay with it. Wigs are accepted and there are women (celebrities included) wearing natural-looking, beautiful, affordable wigs every day. Shame on you, Esther Rantzen for your outdated opinions. Hopefully the rest of us know better.


Samantha Barnes


Director Tangled Wigs Ltd.